Hicksville and Long Island Winter Pet Care Tips

hicksville, long island winter pet care information

Protect Your Pet this Winter

Oh, the weather outside may get frightful, but follow these tips and your pet’s experience will be delightful! Long Island and many other parts of New York are known for being plummeted by a blanket of white each winter. Last year, our area saw more than 62 inches of accumulation – but, that was nothing compared to the winter of ’95 when snowfall exceeded 90 inches!

When the weather comes down and the roads get slick, it’s important to consider the effects it has on your four-legged friend. Pets face the elements barefoot (unless you’ve purchased booties) and their feet, among other things, can suffer.

Keep Them Warm

Pets left outside to fend for themselves for any extended amount of time, or those going out for walks, get cold too. Never shave a pet’s coat off during the winter months, unless a medical procedure necessitates it. Consider purchasing booties or a winter coat. And, be mindful of areas where animals may be curled up for warmth. Neighborhood cats often climb under car hoods and can be severely injured if an engine starts without warning. Also, just as cars heat up quickly in hot weather, they turn into refrigerators quickly in the winter. For the most part, pets should be kept indoors and taken out only for exercise and to “do their business.” Never leave a pet alone in a car during the winter.

Keep Them Leashed

Did you know that more dogs are lost during the winter than in any other season? That’s because they can easily lose their scent and become panicked or disoriented in a snowstorm and run away. Keeping your pet on a leash in wintery conditions will prevent this from happening, as well as keep him or her out of the path of sliding cars on the roadway. Keeping your pet on a leash will also allow you to monitor what he or she is eating or drinking. Road salt and antifreeze are both harmful when ingested, so avoid letting your pet drink from puddles –they may contain more than just melted snow.

Keep Them Fed

If you are an avid outdoorsman and your pet spends a significant amount of time with you in the elements, he or she will require about 25 percent more food than normal. The extra calories are needed for generating more body heat. Make sure your pet has enough water. Outdoor/patio bowls can quickly freeze over and you don’t want to cause dehydration.

Keep Them Groomed

Long-haired pets can quickly develop unsightly mattes that may hide problematic skin conditions. Winter tends to cause dry skin in humans and pets, but frequent brushing stimulates the production of oils that help soothe the skin.

Keep Them Healthy

If you have any concerns about your pet's health this winter, or to schedule a routine pet wellness exam in Hicksville, don't hesitate to give us a call at (516) 735-0090. Snow, sleet, or freezing rain, we're just a phone call away.

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