Summer Pet Safety Tips

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Helpful Tips to Protect Your Pets in the Summer Heat from Our Levittown Veterinarians

Did you know that pets are even more susceptible to hot days than humans? Since their only ability to expel heat and cool down is through panting, it’s important that you help your pet stay as cool as possible during the summer.

While you must always provide them with shade and water, there are a few other recommendations from Levittown veterinarians that you need to know. Keep reading!

Never Leave Pets in Parked Cars  

Did you know that even during an 85-degree day with the windows of your car cracked open, the heat inside a vehicle can reach dangerous levels for pets in only 10 minutes? With this in mind, leaving your pet in the car is never safe when the weather is warm, even if it feels acceptable to you.

Limit Exercise  

Next, it’s important that you adjust the intensity and duration of your pet’s walks outside on sweltering days. Try to stick to the mornings and evenings instead and be aware of hot asphalt on your dog’s sensitive paws when you go out in the afternoon. Keep in mind that any short-nosed dogs will have a difficult time breathing during these days.

Of course, always keep water on you!

Know the Signs of Heatstroke  

Lastly, while you want to avoid heatstroke as much as possible, it’s also essential that you know all the signs so that you can get the help your pet needs. Here are a few common symptoms:   

  • Excessive panting and salivation  
  • Excessive thirst  
  • Glazed eyes  
  • Difficulty breathing  
  • Lethargy, lack of coordination, and dizziness  
  • Rapid heartbeat  

Remember that very old and very young pets are more prone to heatstroke. They’re also more susceptible when they’re overweight, have respiratory disease, or aren’t used to prolonged exercise.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Levittown Veterinarians  

You must schedule your yearly wellness checkups for your pets so that your veterinarians can make you aware of any health issues that make your pets prone to heatstroke. They can also give you more tips on how to navigate these hot days while still giving your pet exercise and stimulation.

Ready to schedule an appointment with your Levittown veterinarians today? Contact us to get started!


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