Services You Need from a Veterinarian Near Farmingdale, NY

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From dental care to yearly exams, it can be overwhelming when you consider the different kinds of services your pet needs in order to be healthy. By finding a veterinarian that handles a variety of services, you can make your job as a pet parent easier.  

Keep reading to learn some of the top services you need to look for when searching for a veterinarian near Farmingdale, NY!  

Wellness Exams 

Yearly wellness exams are important for healthy and happy pets. It’s important that you find a veterinarian who gives thorough nose-to-tail exams, as these can be the only ways you can learn if your dog or cat is suffering from an illness.  

Veterinarians will assess their vision, ears, heart, mouth, and more. They’ll also do laboratory testing in order to uncover any illnesses that don’t have physical symptoms. The earlier you catch an illness, typically the easier it is to treat it!  

Dental Care 

Dental care can be easy to overlook, especially since most dogs and cats don’t like it when their parents poke around their mouths. However, routine dental care can help guard your pets against painful dental diseases that may make it hard for them to chew.  

Comprehensive dental care includes cleaning, examinations, extractions, and other procedures.  

Boarding and Grooming 

Finding a veterinarian near Farmingdale that can also board and groom your pet is a plus. This is because if you’ve been going to the veterinarian for some time, your pet may feel more comfortable with the familiar sights, sounds, and people.  

Grooming services are also important for your pet’s health. For instance, a buildup of hair in the ears can attract moisture and lead to more ear infections.  

Emergency Care 

You can never predict when an emergency can happen, but you can prepare for it. Some veterinary hospitals can handle after-hours emergencies, giving you greater peace of mind. You won’t have to pull up Google and search for a new veterinary hospital near you when your pet is experiencing pain.  

Full-Service Pet Health from a Veterinarian Near Farmingdale, NY 

By finding a reputable veterinarian that offers multiple services, you can ensure that your pet is healthy and happy for the foreseeable future. 

Taking your pet to the vet also becomes easier, as your dog or cat will begin to feel more comfortable in the familiar environment. You won’t have to juggle multiple appointments with different vet offices.  

Ready to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian near Farmingdale, NY that takes care of your pets as if they were their own? Contact us today for full-service pet care!  


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