Wellness Exams at a Plainview Veterinary Hospital: What to Expect

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If you’re a new pet owner, your first wellness exam for your furry or feathered friend may feel overwhelming. 

Wellness exams serve an important purpose–they help veterinarians assess the overall wellbeing of your pet. This means that they can spot subtle signs of illness or injury before they become serious problems.  

We’re here to help expel the mysteries of a basic wellness exam. Keep reading to prepare yourself before you come in! 

Checking the Heart and Respiratory System

A stethoscope is used in order to listen to your pet’s heart. Your veterinarian is trying to detect any murmurs or irregular beats. They’ll do the same for the lungs in order to rule out any respiratory diseases.

Checking the Teeth

Did you know that dogs and cats need their teeth brushed as well? Veterinarians check the mouth and teeth in order to assess the health of their teeth. This can help your pets avoid future dental disease. 

Checking Ears and Eyes

Next, your veterinarian will check your pet’s eyes for any signs of glaucoma as well as cloudy eyes, redness, and discharge. They’ll also look inside your pet’s ears and may take swabs to look for any infections, wax build-up, mites, and more. 

Checking Coat and Abdomen

They’ll take a look at your pet’s coat in order to see if there’s any abnormal hair loss or dandruff. At the same time, they’ll palpate your pet’s abdomen in order to assess if there’s any discomfort or signs of lumps and bumps. 

Lab Testing

Lastly, expect that your veterinarian will need a stool or urine sample in order to ensure that your pet isn’t suffering from any illnesses such as diabetes. If your pet is older, there may be more detailed testing necessary depending on their health. 

Schedule an Exam at the Best Plainview Veterinary Hospital

Now that you know the importance of wellness exams as well as what to expect once you come in, we hope we’ve motivated you to schedule an appointment. Not only does this benefit your pet in the long run, but you’ll find that it’s far easier than you expect.

Experienced veterinarians are used to anxious pets, and they do their best to soothe them and show them that they’re friends. When it’s over, you can reward your pet with a treat!
Ready to schedule your first exam with a full-service veterinary hospital that cares? Contact us today to get started! 



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