Why Won’t My Cat Stop Meowing?

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There are many reasons behind excessive meowing in cats, from the kind of breed your cat is to medical issues. How can you tell what your cats trying to say to you?

Seeking Attention

Cats that often cry on a regular basis usually are seeking attention or are bored out of their minds. This behavior has to be stable, though, to come to this conclusion, if they start meowing out of nowhere, then this is cause for concern. If your cat is talkative, try to increase playtime or provide exciting toys to entertain them.


A vocal cat can sometimes be an anxious cat. Feline anxiety can be a big problem that can lead o behavioral chewing, excessive vocalization, vomiting, litter box difficulty, and more. Anxiety can only be diagnosed by a vet so if you believe your pet is anxious, bring them in to see us as soon as possible.

Health Concerns

Cats who weren’t vocal before and suddenly are should get you in the car to come and see us immediately. This kind of vocalization often tells you something is very wrong with your cat’s health, and they need to be seen immediately. Any sudden increase of crying or meowing is an immediate sign that they could be in immediate physical danger.

Cats are straightforward pets; they want attention, food, water, some fun, and sleep. When a cat starts meowing obsessively when they haven’t done so before, you should expect something is seriously wrong. If your cat has begun meowing seemingly out of the blue, call us today to set up an appointment for them!



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