7 Hypoallergenic Cats for People with Allergies

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Do love cats, but your allergies do not? People that are allergic to household pets often think that they can’t have a pet without their allergies flaring up. But there are solutions out there for cat lovers with allergies. If you pick the right breed, you won’t have to worry about your symptoms. Our animal hospital in Hicksville discusses here seven breeds are not only cute but have hypoallergenic qualities to potentially help curb sniffles and sneezes!

Here are Some Allergenic Facts about Cats:
1. Adults generate more allergens than kittens
2. Males are usually harsher on allergies, as they produce more allergenic secretions than females.
3. Neutered or spayed cats produce less allergens.
4. Dark cats are prone to produce more allergens that lighter colored ones… and nobody knows why!

What Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds are Out There?
Unfortunately, no cat breed exists that is truly hypoallergenic. All cats generate a few allergens at least, but there are seven breeds that can produce less allergens than other breeds. If you are serious about adopting a cat, this list should not be the only thing that you take into consideration. Consider the other characteristics of the breed, like temperament, and make sure that you are serious and ready to have a cat in your household.

The first three of these seven cats are from the oriental lines: the Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and Javanese. These cats grant several options for fans of the popular Siamese because they have similar characteristics but are low allergen compared to the Siamese.

1. Balinese: This cat is nicknamed the “long-haired Siamese”, it has a longer and silkier coat than the Siamese. This may lead you to think that this cat still produces its fair amount of allergens, but it generates less of the Fel D1 protein than other cats, thus making this cat an easy one for people with allergies.

2.Oriental Shorthair– These cats are very hypoallergenic, although as with any other breed, make sure you groom this breed frequently. Brushing and wiping the cat down will ensure that dander is kept to a minimum.

3. Javanese: This cat is similar to the Balinese in that it has a silky coat that doesn’t mat and has a plumed tail. This breed lacks and undercoat they therefore carry less allergens because they have less fur. The next two cats that comprise this list are “Rex” cats, the Devon and the Cornish Rex specifically. Fortunately for allergy sufferers, both these breeds don’t shed much fur.

4. Devon Rex– Between the two “rex” cats, the Devon Rex has both shorter and less fur. This does not mean that you can sleep on grooming though, the Devon Rex need its paws and ears cleaned frequently to prevent oil buildup. Although unlike its counterpart the Cornish, the Devon does not need to be frequently bathed.

5. Cornish Rex– This long and slender cat is similar to the Devon but this breed requires a bit more maintenance. This cat is more prone to oil build up than the Devon, so make sure to bathe it frequently and to take that fact in account when deciding between the two breeds. One cat on this list doesn’t have any problems with allergens coming from it fur, because it doesn’t have any fur at all. While the remaining cat does have fur but is still hypoallergenic.

6. Sphynx: The hairless Sphynx is the cat that comes to mind to most when it comes to hypoallergenic cats. Despite their lack of hair, there is still some upkeep involved with this cat. The breed needs frequent baths to eradicate the gummy oils that can build up on their skin, and their large ears necessitate frequent cleaning as well.

7. Siberian: Similar to the Balinese at the start of our list, this cat sports a coat that doesn’t look friendly towards the allergy stricken. This cat owes its hypoallergenic status to the fact that it has lower than average enzyme in their saliva. Some people claim that up to 75% of cat allergy sufferers experience no symptoms from the Siberian.

Hopefully this list can steer you in the direction of a feline friend that can cut down on allergens in your home. Please do keep in mind though that many other factors go into adopting a cat and make sure you call our office and consult with professionals to ensure that you can provide a comfortable, healthy and safe living situation for an animal. If you have any questions regarding adopting a cat, please give our office a call today.


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